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No-Code UI Layer for Data Scientists

Stop battling with UI libraries, and juggling various data sources.

Focus on shipping apps that drive your critical business decisions. 


Building Blocks

Ready to use UI components like Tables, Lists, Charts, Buttons, and the ability to deploy AI models and other data variables

Seamless Data Flow

Data Scientists can easily export their data frames and ML models with a single click to the front-end no-code layer of Airtorch. 

Deploy your own AI models

Deploy your own ML models: You can train and deploy your own ML models 

Use as Functions: Call ML models as functions anywhere 

Features & Benefits

No-Code UI layer for Data Scientists

We have carefully designed the pricing plans to empower everyone, from individuals to startups to fortune 500 companies. Your data is secure. Your models retrained and deployed. Your business in right hands. 

We used Airtorch's Epicor integration coupled with demand forecasting workflows and created an application in less than an hour! It was magical

Country Delight

We were amazed by the seamless integration of our data sources with Airtorch. They delivered a churn prediction application in record time and we would highly recommend them. 



I was always dependent on data teams to share the results of ML models on different data sets. With Airtorch I can do this on my own!



Loved by Data Scientists & Developers

We are backed by the best

Industry Standard

Trusted by Experts






Integrations across Apps

Be it data sources, APIs, ERPs or CRMs

Delivering AI applications in minutes

Forget the AI models deployment and retraining worries. Forget hacking through data sources to populate your application. Forget that bad-looking outdated UI for internal applications. Remember Airtorch is here and is planning to stay  

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