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Features & Benefits

Build beautiful AI applications in minutes

Powerful Building Blocks

Tables, Lists, Charts, Forms, Wizards, Maps, AI models and so on. We provide all these out of box so that you spend your time getting UI in front of stakeholders and not worrying about which coding library to use. Assemble everything in minutes and be ready for lots of praise!

Seamless Data Flow

Data Scientists can easily export their data frames and ML models with a single click to the front-end no-code layer of Airtorch. They can then use those data-frames and ML models to create applications.

Deploy your own AI models 

Deploy your own ML models: You can train and deploy your own ML models.

Use as Functions: Call ML models as functions anywhere 

Built for Data Scientists 

Airtorch is highly hackable, so you are never limited to what's available out of the box. If you can write with Javascript, API & deploy or use AI models you do it in Airtorch

Deploy and share securely

Airtorch comes with security, reliability, and permissioning built-in. 

There Is Something for Everyone

Choose a plan which works for you and upgrade with a single click whenever you need

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